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New spi owner

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Hello all! Just would like to know what kind of oil you all think is best for our moters 5w20 or 5w30? I have yet to get an a proven answer. Also what milage do you all have on your spi's
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Well, i have 47.5k and i really have no idea bout the oil thing, is this just gonna be your daily driver, or are you going to be modding some?
this is my daily driver
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i run 5w30 mobil1 synthetic but that was just because i bought it and it happened to work so that is what i use.
When I sold my focus this summer, It has 90000 miles and never had any engine related problem or oil consumption.

I always used 5w30 Mobil 1 (drained at 6000miles interval) during winter month and 5w30 castrol GTX (drained at 3000miles interval) during summer month.

I got the oil changed 2-3 times at the dealer with their 5w20 motorcraft oil and I didn't like the way it makes the engine sounds on cold start...
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i generally go with 5w 30 in the summer(more heat, thicker oil)
and 5w 20 in the winter(lot cooler, better for thinner oil)
hope this helps!
and hope your looking to mod, remember with this engine, custom is the name of the game!
Mine is a 2000 with 80,000 and uses no oil but ticks all the time.
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