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New Spring,s New thud sound

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ok I just installed some 40mm drop springs on my svt focus
not by any means a sever drop,, handles excellent,, looks great,, but i have one issue as i am driving i keep hearing and feeling (to an extent) a thud, thud, thud, the faster i go the faster it goes, it doesnt matter if i am in gear on smooth road excelertating or coasting in neutral its the same thing thud thud thud,,i checked for rubbing ,, none,, i checked the install twice over step by step everything is tight everything looks good,, i cant figure it out,, the closest idea that i have is i rotated my tires while my car was up on a lift,, maby that has somthing to do with it??

any ideas????

this one has me completely stumped!

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Is it possible that one of the front endlinks is loose??? Try to wiggle it when the car is sitting on the ground. Sometimes they seem tight when the car is on the jack but the really aren't.
well tried that nope no movement none i cant figure it out
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I am assuming you checked all of your lugnuts. I had a problem kinda like yours that turned out to be a lug nut that had worked loose.
Is the noise front or rear?

Could be you need some of my shock shims.
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