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New to the site, and to my Focus

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hey all im new to this site and to my Focus! i got a zx3 and want to know some specs, from what i know it and if im wrong please tell me, 130hp 2.0 DOHC ztech motor its an 2000, does anyone know the chssis code and motor code for this car? and what are some popular simple mods i can do that are inexpensive or free to do? and if you have anything helpfull to say even if i may already know it, just let me know, im always open to new info


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You can find some info on Zetec tuning here and a some info on easy mods at FocusHacks , or check out The Exterior Mods and Interior Mods forums on this page.

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Hey, welcome to the site and congrats on the new Focus.
i live in Silverton, OR and whats the frapper??
i live in Silverton, OR and whats the frapper??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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