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Next Mod?

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Wanting to get opinions on what my next mod should be. I'm looking at getting a carbon fiber hood or the xcal 2. If I get the xcal who has the best tunning for the D20? Also would a non painted carbon fiber hood look wrong on a white focus? Any opinions would be a great help.
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FS for the x cal 2 if they have it for the d 20 i dont know if the d20 computer has been broken yet. cf will be fine if you go that way but it wont make you faster at least not noticeably. but remember un painted cf likes to fade i believe.
If I go with the xcal could I get a program for AutoX? I have an ATX, could I change the shift points and rev limiter? What else would be helpful for an ATX for AutoX?
Personally I would go with the XCal, check FS website for everything that it can be programmed to do.

If you do get the hood, the black on white looks good here is one:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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