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This is also posted in the New England section:

Ok, it'a almost time for the next g2g at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon NH. The event runs from Fri Sept 5 thru Sun Sept 7. Passes are available at:[censored]/nerpass.jpg [the "censored" part of the url is "forum pix" (one word, no space) if you wish to type it in yourself. I don't understand why FJ censors that part?]
If there are problems with the above link (like last time ), could someone post the pass on here for me. Thanks.
Print how many you need. To use the passes you must show up at the registration building at the following times:
Fri 7PM - 9PM
Sat 7AM - 12N
Sun 7:30AM - 10PM
You only need to register once. They will issue you an arm band that will be good for the whole weekend. Missing registration will mean that you will have to pay a $20 track fee to get in. The arm band will give you access to everywhere in and around the track except the "hot" pits & live track (SCCA members are allowed into the "hot" pits only)

Camping is available if you want to stay (I'll be there from Fri night until Sun afternoon). Bring all the camping gear you need. Showers & bathrooms are available on site.

There can be NO alcohol comsumption during racing hours. After the final checkered flag of the day drops, go for it .

I will be camped in the infield of the track by NASCAR turn 1 (go through tunnel, climb small hill, take 1st left, when road takes right I'll be around there).

Saturday evening after dinner, the usual walk around the track will take place. A good opportunity to see the track up close. There is a possibility that they will have track rides right after the final race of Sat. Take your own car on the road course at pace speeds!!

Cameras are welcomed, and encouraged . Pets are also allowed, but need to be leashed/ controlled.

Any questions, you can email me directly.
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