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No superchips SCT (self tuner) for the SVT

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According to a superchips tuner there will be no SELF TUNER for the SVT you will still have to send in your ECU for them to flash it

They say there is not enough units (low production number) for them to make a self tuner


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You can always come down to longwood, fl for a custom tune on superchips dyno.
Whoa Whoa...wait a mean everythign we've been talking about down there in SVT Land isn't gonna hapen for the SVT? No Racer/Pro Rac package??? Theres like 8000 SVTs now (I think...2002+2003)...dammit...that sucks.

Na ill stick with the Uni-Chip for now it seems to be working ok and not blowing up engines

What about a N/A package with the uni-chip? Or is there not much to be gained?
Tom... thanks for giving us "accurate" information. I kind of went off on Ken and that website because of all the info they were spouting about the SVT ended up being wrong. Is it just me, or did it sound like this software coming out was a no brainer, and was absolutely going to work for the SVT?

Oh well.. I guess I need to start saving for the Pectel again... (crap)
This is a major let down. Would be kind of hard for us to drive to the Superchips facility for a custom tune from Hawaii. And if we send in our pcm for a flash, we only get a base tune? I wonder if their planning to come over here to do some tuning, like what they do in the states. I doubt it. This really sucks.
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Every one just hold tight for a few weeks and dont give up hope there is something else in the works but not real sure at this time what will come of it

belacryf,, I have e-mail after e-mail about it will be out soon from superchips them self ,The main reason for me buying it was for the SVT tuner ,,Its funny the GOLD software was what 3200.00 for 4400 ECU codes and they wanted to charge me 3500.00 just to do a tune for MY turbo kits (SVT only ) and another 275.00 for EACH car after that and another 30.00 for shipping cost to send them the ECU

If no SVT, does that mean no PZEV as well?
this can't make sense, ALL fords are switching over to the new ECU, the 3 valve pickups, the3 valve gt's we'll have in a year, everything.
this can't make sense, ALL fords are switching over to the new ECU, the 3 valve pickups, the3 valve gt's we'll have in a year, everything.
Blueoaval, Can you clarify? I'm not up on all the different ECU jargon. I understand that the SVT uses a black oak 1472K and SCP with Early Can protocol. Is this the type of ecu that Ford will be switching over to as you mentioned above? What is currently in the PZEV?

I'm curious because, from what I understand, SCT is not puttting the $ into R&D for the SVT flasher because they feel that the payback would not be high enough. There's simply not enough potential customers right now. But it seems to me that if Ford is making a switch, they will have no choice but to develop it. It just may be further down the road. They've said that they can do it, it will just require further R&D.
Neither the SVT nor the PZEV are chippable as far as I know. Both use the CAN-bus protocol. F-150 3-valves will be using a CAN-bus. I know the SVT ecu goes by the term black oak, but I don't honestly know if the PZEV and f-150 are that (which I heard was only an intermediate ECU) or the next generation. All three will only be able to have their program modified by flashing, tho.

I dunno if htat clarified or not, but flashing is the only solution for all future ford cars.
so then why don't they think up of a flasher for the future cars.. personnaly i dont care since i have a zx3 but its kinda stupid for them to not put out a flasher version specialy if the next generation of fords will all need a flasher anyway
that's my point, I don't think any company could eb THAT stupid
caus even though the svt is limited.. its not the only car using that type of ecu.. and more will come
all the new 3 valve modulars will have them.
I think the reason could be that the guys who are doing this SCT thing used to work for Ford, they were probably the ones who designed the EEC systems, or at least calibrators who knew EVERYTHING about them. They left Ford and went and did this tuning stuff. They probably don't have the knowledge of the new systems they need to crack it.

Just a guess.
Tom.. yea, thanks again man!!! I'm glad you spoke up! SCT Guys still believes the SVT software will come out, and I hope he's right.

And yes I saw the proposal for tuning your SVT turbo. What a waste of money. With a proposal like that, they do not seem like the friendly company out to help the Ford community, but more like a money hungry company. That pricing was rediculous.
I'm in no way taking any sides here. I just think that its only fair to make sure everyone has the opportunity to read what the SCT guys said about the possibility of an SVT flasher unit:Thread

You have to go all the way to the bottom of the 2nd page to find this:
This just ruined my day.
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