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Hello everyone. I have used this and other forums to fix and keep running both of my First Gen Zetec Focus. I am now stumped. After searching the forums/ Youtube and google I am at a loss. I need specific help with this.

2001 ZX3 Focus with Zetec engine. Back story as I know it car sat for 2 years needing a battery and Alternator, had the battery light on and would jump start but then kill battery and die. Owner gave up on it. I now own it and have replaced the following. Battery (load tests good), Belt Tensioner, serpentine belt, sparkplugs, oil change, thermostat, radiator fluid., Battery and Alternator (2 times), the pigtail to the alternator, all the fuses/ relays (in engine bay), cleaned all the grounds and cleaned the battery terminals (new harness is on order).

I replaced bad alternator with a used (but tested good) one and the Battery light went away (does light up at start up like it should) but it would not charge. So I took the original Alternator to a local shop I have used many times in the past and had them rebuild it. I installed the 2nd Alternator and the same thing. No codes or warning lights but it still was not charging. Multimeter on battery 12.7V+ fully charged, car running 12.4V and slowly dropping, as I turned items on. So I take the alternator back off and take it to the shop to have them test it. It tests good, charges and handles a load on their machine just fine. Reinstall that alternator, replace the pig tail coming from alternator and still not charging. I have good voltage to the large red wire on back of alternator coming from battery. I even added a ground to the alternators housing to the engine just in case. Also it doesn't charge if I disconnect the pigtail from the alternator.

So anything else I am missing? As far as I can tell from my research if my new battery cables (when they get here) doesn't fix it and I don't think it will. Then my only other item would be the PCM/computer! It doesn't seem to be telling the alternator that it should be charging. I need to get this car drivable since my other focus died recently (Engine issue). Car is a beater but my daily driver to and from work, really want to make sure I covered everything before I break down and replace the PCM, since they are pricey and it still may not be the problem. Any ideas?
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