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not really a problem, but how is this possible???

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WHile browsing a thread in "Off-Topic" Today, I notice this at the bottom:

"80 registered and 5 anonymous users are browsing this forum."

How is that possible? I was under the inporession that non-registered and logged in users can not see the off-topic and a handful of other forums?

...just wondering
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I've linked my sister to a thread on Off Topic and she was able to see it, even though she wasn't registered.

They are just not visable... you can still get to it by other means. (I think)
Strange. I tried and it didn't work. I copyied a thread URL and the off-topic url, but could not access them once I logged out.
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Someone I know of found a way to "hack" (not really hacking though) into it so that he could see it but not post...
Anonymous users are not guests. They are registered users that don't want people to see that they are here. A guest would be someone who is browsing, but not registered, or at least not logged in.

On the page in "My Home" where you can change your Profile info, there is a question at the bottom that reads: " Do you want to be visible on the "Who's Online" screen?"

If you check "No", then you are browsing as an anonymous user.

ahhhhhh. ok. Thank you sir.
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