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Nov 12 g2g Organization

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OK, here is where we post who's coming and who's bringing what.

Please DO NOT post anything here that doesn't apply to the who's coming and who's bringing what question!! In other words...don't hijack this thread. We have enough other places to post jokes, silly comments, and all that other stuff. It's hard enough just weeding through this as it is. - Thanks, Dan

It became apparent to me yesterday that several of you don't have my cell #, it: 321-684-2460

Attendees/Bringing what:
Me (Danny) - We're cooking katsu chicken and egg roles
Kathy - Ditto ^
Kona (Brian)- His sorry A$$ (ok, just one comment)
Tribal (Robert)
heathsS2FOCUS (Heath) - Cheesecake and beer,beer too!
REDFOCZ (Mike) - Burgers?
KA1 (Kevin?)
nick (Nick)
EvoZX3 (Andre) - Steak
Viking - Beer
Lifeguardjoe - Maybe
NeVeRbRiCiN (Andrew)
4thundr (Kevin)
War (Anwar)
gatekeeper (Jesse)
w00w00 (Zach)
CrispyBurn (Dario)
DaZeDfOcUs (Brian)
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I'll be there. I can make help make sure we don't run out of beer.
i will be there with about a pound of cherry peppers stuffed with provalone cheese wrapped in prochuito in virgin olive oil... cool?
Im bringing a Pumpkin Cheese Cake(CPK) Beer... some Beer.. o ya and I cant forget beer

You thing we should get some beerbeerbeerbeerbeerbeerbeer
I'll try to come out to play if i can get off!!
I'm working on it!!! Put me as a maybe. Will know closer to Monday or Tuesday.....
I will come , pm me with what you want me to bring danny
I will most likely be there
Andrea said she can make a big bowl of potato salad... what'ya think?
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Andrea said she can make a big bowl of potato salad... what'ya think?

Awsome, I think most people like potato salad
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Anwar is coming w/ me.
I can Bring Beer, sodas, Or steak let me know what's more needed!
[Homer voice]mmmm Steak[/homer voice] start drooling

Maybe I can pick up the burgers again Just got to see if loud exhaust Mike wants to go to Sams again
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I think we've got a pretty good idea about who's coming but not much on who's bringing what. Some of the things ALWAYS needed are: water, soft drinks, chips, and what ever your heart desires to munch on.

We also don't have any information about any mods needing to be done so post this info up too!!
Hey Dan! What kind of proverbial 'drinks' are we talking about?

I will bring whatever you need me to bring.... just need your address so I don't get lost!!!
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Well for those of us old enough, beer or whatever is the drink of choice. But we usually seem to run out of soft drinks and water...personally I drink Busch beer.
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I know that there is a Winn-Dixie about 2 mins away from Dan's that we can always pick stuff up from if you can't decide what to bring. BTW, I already claimed the spare bedroom if I get drunk! lol
ill be there, most likely with girlfriend in tow, kicking and screaming
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What time is everyone showing up? Or is this any all day event??
Didn't know it was gonna be Hotel Dan's...

Anyways Dan... put me down for chips and soda. I don't know if I will have time to make anything in the kitchen but, I will see what I can do.

PM me your addy so that I can chart out my trip. I can be there early afternoon. I will also be bringing my 9yr old son with me.
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