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Offical Team SR Randomness Thread

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The OFFICAL Team SR Randomness Thread

I think its time we have one of these :lol:
So post random thoughts/pictures/etc.

:lol: It is OFFICAL
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deleted pics of photobucket
HAHAHA, good one
Update on the house, :
the yellow for the kitchen, IS NEON yellow.
its not looking to good.
Light yellow living room looks amazing.
So far so good, heading over to a friends house now.
hHaha, post a pic up of the chalkboard hood, i just gotta see it.
and were finally done with the house, just have to put a whole bunch of stuff up, and new furniture.
and while painting, i caught pink eye :S ahhh :lol:
We actually got lazy with redoing the bathrooms :S.
But were all done with the painting, dont mind the furniture, were redoing far so good :D..

^^Dining Room we made into a office

^^Painted popcorn ceiling FTW

^^So empty.. :(

^^"Dining Room"

^^TV isnt as small as it looks.

^^Dont mind my mom.

So, how are the colors?
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I have really bad Pink eye :(
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Rickter said:
hot sauce in the eye bone cures it ;)

Dont feel bad I have to get a shot of botox between my eye lid and eyebrow. I am not looking forward to that :eek:
AHH, hot sauce in my eye? NO way that would ever work..

and sorry about the botox :lol: i thought i had it bad.
good luck :thumbup:


^^this was actually a blast, did it once in staug. haha
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uhhh ^^^ what he said
so yesterday and somewhat of today, me and my dad were fixing on going back to stock height on the Bimmer, Not used to it really..
here some after pics, of course i forgot to take before ones :/

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Are you gonna sell your machs?
bragger :p
Hahaa..yea, I couldn't forget that one..
Wow..people are actually on at this time?
I'm sick, so I have my excuse!
Yay, and that banana actually showed up on my phone..hahahahaha that's amazing.
Have fun at work tomorrow, while I uberly insist on my dad chiming in a few $ for them lights..that I might s happen to get if the guy ever freakin replies >:eek:. And your helping me wire them in ferrsuree
Well hey, thanks :), I mean..I'm pretty sure that a crazy good deal, even tho one of them are all good, except the fogged up lenses..but I've cleaned them up on all of our its no biggie..and that's great if its 30sec, hahahahaha.. Well ill let you kno if I end up gettin them or not..I mean, hey if there good, there good. And I hope there good :s haha
If this was August, I'd have my car, all finished..and I'd be a happy camper..but reality..its only may ftl. to tvland I go

Oh wait..I'm already there
error54 said:
So I went on a date with this girl...and who's our waitress? My girlfriend got a second job she didn't tell me about to afford my bday present.
bummer :lol:
off to Orlando today :)
Ahhh, my computer doesn't work..I turn it on, and It goes to a black screen, witha underscore in the top left corner..and it just blinks. Wtf is wrong with it :(, I can't rely on wifi!!

Need answers!
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