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oil in my intake

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Jacked my car up to put a hose clamp around the dust shield on my cat and there was oil everywhere on the left side. I pulled the air box cover off and oil was all over the top half and down into the throttle body. I'm assuming this is coming from the top of the motor via the hose that runs into the airbox. Does anyone else have this problem? My oil level was at the high mark when I started. Nelson Ledges does have a long fast right hander.
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Bela, Slick, Gandalf, and JaySD (I think)... they all have that problem on their SVTs... They run a hose with a breather filter and basically sit it on top of the shock tower. Apparently it was just poor design from the factory. Putting it up there keeps the oil from pushing all the way up and will flow back into the valve cover.
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