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oil pressure gauge

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i just put an oil pressure in my zx3 and its reading like over 90 psi. i saw on the site int he install section the picture says about 70 psi. i just wanted to make sure this is normal. does anyone else have an oil pressure gauge and what does it read??
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Is it a mechanical or digital gauge?
its a mechanical gauge the ford racing oil pressure gauge.
My main question is when is it at 90? 90 is pretty high in most cases. Most people don't get that high unless they're really rev'n it all the way up to redline. When you're at idle it should be around 20-35, at 4K it should be around 50-80. I have read some people idling at 70 as well.
mine reads high when the car is cold. But after driving for a while it will idle at 35-40ish
Mines idle about 20. When first start it, ts about 70. Once I needed to merge on the highway and it wasn't fully warmed up and it pegged 100+. Not good at all.
ok i am a complete moron i saw 90 psi when i first staretd the car and i got scared. thats why i posted this originally. then i took my car for a ride and it dropped to like 35 at idle and about 78 when i am goin 60mph. thats much better. i had no idea that the oil pressure went up and down that much. thanks for the comments guys.
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