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Ok for a few months now I had the Oil Pressure gauge installed in the A-Pillar but it wasn't hoocked up because getting the sending unit installed seemed impossible. Today I decided to do finally finish it. Here are some of my notes... Btw don't hold me responsible if anything gets broken on your car.

Things needed: Oil pressure gauge, sending unit, wire, splice connectors (or whatever they are called, this is to extend the stock sending switch cable.) 3 inch 1/4 Nipple and a 1/4in T, I bought the black steel pieces (available at Home Depot), Pipe thread compound. I had a 2 in nipple but with the T it would clear one of the accessory mounting brackets seen in the pictures so I had to get a 3in T. (This worries me a little since now there is more torque on the nipple (forcexdistance).

1. Have oil filter removed and disconnect the cable from the Stock oil sending unit. The sending unit is at the 11 o'clock position from the Oil filter.
2. Using a 24mm deep socket remove the stock pressure switch. Be very careful I broke mine first time I took it off and had to run to the parts store it was like $16.
3. Apply pipe joint compound to the male ends of the T and the Sending units. This will be a good time to connect a small (6in) piece of wire to the aftermarket sending unit. This is so that you don't strugle trying to put it on while the sending unit is all tucked inside.
4. Connect the pipe fittings as in pictures, make sure that everything is tight. I had to tweak around to make sure that the the end of the T that was going to have the Sending unit would be pointed straight up, or like 12:30 position this way it will not undo itself from the weight of the sending unit and vibrations. This might be treaky, I had to play around with different combinations of nipple ends and t ends to have it line up correctly.

5. Extend the stock sending wire, using splice connectors or what ever you like to work with. This can be done easier if you grab the connector from the top. It comes up right behind the intake monifold.

6. Install the senders and connect the rest of the wiring and double check everything.

Note this is interesting. All of this might be unnecessary. Someone asked in the tech forum before: What happends if the pressure sending unit is unplugged?

The answer that was given was that computer will turn the car off/light will come on.

Well for the heck of it I unplugged the sending unit and started up the car, guess what no light! The car kept running. I haven't ridden around with it to test to see if the light would come one later, but all of this might be uncessary just unscrew the old one screw in the aftermarket and forget about the stock one.

I should try driving the car with it unplugged...

Well here are the pics... Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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