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Oklahoma City auto-x / meet

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This past Sunday I had the chance to drive down to OKC for one of their autcrosses since the Tulsa region still didn't have a site (they do now! WOO HOO!) I wanted to try out my new Apex/KYB AGX suspension combination to see how it handled compared to stock.

While I was there I got to meet two more Focus enthusiasts, ilcowil (Alex) and SteelRain (Mike). Both of whom post on Focus Fanatics and not [FJ]

Alex on the left, Mike in the center, me on the right:

As for the Apex springs and KYB adjustables, I LOVE THEM! People were telling me the car was COMPLETELY FLAT through the corners and I was able to get the car to rotate easily. I ran that event with a setting of 3F/8R out of 4F/8R and was happy with that setting. The only problem with the springs and dampers is that it shows how CRAPPY my tires really are.

I ended up placing 3rd in STS. Partially because this was my first event on the new suspension and I wasn't sure how far I could push it compared to how it was stock, it has also been almost 3 months since my last event (Jetfest) and I was a bit rusty. I also think I'm at the point where I need some professional instruction to help me improve. I shaved less than a second off of my slowest run to my fastest run of the day and I am used to shaving 2-3 seconds off. Finally, the guys who beat me were also running wither Kumho MX, Hankook RS-2s, or Azenis.......and me on my little BFG g-force Sports. Yeah, undertired for sure.

Mad props go out to Mike for getting within a second of first place in GS running a Nitto/Conti tire combination when first place was in a Mini S with Kumho V700s!

Afterwards we did a little photo shoot......appropriate for the geeks that we are.

And these are too big for [FJ] guidelines, so just links:

We're doing it again in OKC on October 30th. Hopefully a few more Focus owners will join us.
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huh, who do I get ahold of? I might try to make it out, since that would be, like, in my city and all.
Next event is at Remington park. Registration ends at 8:30 am. I'll be there as well.

PM me for my phone number and I'll meet you there.
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