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It is highly likely that someone here is infected with the "[email protected]" worm or one of its variants.

This worm scans visited web pages for domain names/addresses and then starts sending thousands of worm-infected emails to and as if FROM that domain (i.e. "[email protected]<>").

How do I figure it was someone *here* who is infected?

The email address associated with my domain name has been hit HARD shortly after I posted links here to files on my domain (and nowhere else).

Also, almost half the infected emails that hit my email server were from addresses related to Focus and sport compact car performance parts (some were sites I'd never visited, but perhaps you have).

This means that the infected computer surfed my website AND many automotive related websites including FocalJet.

My systems all check clean, and I have set it to reject all such emails in the future.

Solution: Make sure your antivirus software is fully updated. Do a full system scan of all systems on your network as well as any that you email from. For more info, visit this page[email protected] for further information.

This is not a joke. Like I said, the people who get hit by this get hit HARD... to the point their email is overwhelmed and shuts down. And they are not even the ones infected (but the emails will TRY to infect them too).

So fix it!!

Your local supergeek (who is just a little p|ssed),
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