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Paint Estimate

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Hey guys - I don't really post in here, so hello
Anywoo, I pick up a Razzi lip kit a few weeks back and I've been driving around getting estimates on getting it painted. My friend suggested me somewhere where I could get a "hook-up", so I went there. To have the kit and my side moldings painted, he's going to charge me $200 for materials and labor. I think that's a pretty good deal, right? I asked for a DuPont 222S or Bullbog adhesion promotor, so that's included in the price too.
Also, I think I can install this thing by myself. The front and back lips have already been sprayed with some kind of rubber on the inside so they don't rub or something and have the holes pre-drilled. So I assume I just screw them down and thats it right? The side skirts just screw-on on the ends too I believe. I'll see when I pull my side moldings if they are one of the "glued on" years or one of the "drilled" years. If I don't have holes, I might see what it looks like with and without the moldings. If I do put those back on, do I just use a 3M double sided tape or something?

Anything to help out this comestic idiot would be greatly appreciated

(Oh, and to make you all jealous, I got the kit brand new, sanded, primed and sprayed with that rubber stuff for $125
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I don't know much, but good luck. I just bought a pair of Avenger bumpers and I am going to paint them myself with the help of my uncle. He has all the supplies and did a good job on the Porche he rebuilt.
$200.00 is a very good price. Between the paint/basemaker and clear/activator you'd be pushin $125.00 easy. Not counting anything else.

Good luck!
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