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Passenger Door Wont Open From Outside

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OK Heres the issue, it use to be the door wouldn't open easily, the passenger side that is. You would have to pull it hard to get it to open, if you just pulled it lightly you wont get it to open. Now after yesterday (nothing new done at all), i had tried to open the passenger door with my key and i kept turning and turning the key (side to side) and i couldn't get it to open the door. So today i go ahead and try to get in through my passenger door (knowing it is unlocked), and no matter how hard i tug the handle it just WONT open from the outside. If i pull the handle from the inside of the car then it'll open.

Anyone got any suggestions/idea sa to what is wrong and how to fix this?
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Probably something came loose or broke (door handle outside isn't connected to the latch mechanism).
Probably something came loose or broke (door handle outside isn't connected to the latch mechanism).

i cant seem to take anything else apart aside from the inside door panel...that doesn't reveal anything and i cant get to the outside handle.....
ok so i thought i fixed it, the handle was not pulling out enough to pull the rod up and open the latch, so i dissasembled everything to find out...i put it back together securely, hoping it'll work, it did! i opened and clsoed the door a few times from the outside. slammed it once or twice too to make sure it stays in place. So I reassemble the door...try again and bam broken again!!! what gives?!
Were you able to put more tension on the handle? My handle will not pull the rod far enough up to unlatch the door. 2-3 more mm's would do it for me.

I'm stuck
Weird thing about my driver side door that i can add to this
for years it has happened, when it rains out it wont open...i mean it will but then it loosens up to the point where it just tugs, but doesnt open the door
it still does it to this day?
then when it dry's out, it works fine :lol:
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