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A guy offered to do a paint job on my bike, and i just wanted to know what my idea would look like:

Here's the pic of my bike:

Can I get the whole bike jet black. Where the stripes are rite now, can you take them out and it their place put thin red stripes following the same pattern. Also can i get the rims red and the windsheild tinted red.

one more thing, can you take out the stock exaust and put in this one, if this one doesnt work, find any other nice big one. Have it pointing a little more upward. Use the black one please. If this one doesnt work out, you can use the one thats on the bike below, but in black carbon color.

Okay, i know this is geting annoying, but 1 last thing if you can. Can you chnage the tailsection out and put a more sporty looking one such as this:

I know this is alot of work, i have asked other people to do this for me but they refused, so I'm turning to you guys. Please help me out.
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