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Photoshop Request

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Would anyone PLEASE be able to photoshop everything that is white on my car to a gunmetal/charcoal color includeing the rims, and decals.

Also in another one just change the w-type kit to white and the decals that are on it to black. Thank you soooo much...I really appreciate it.

BTW: IF anyone wants to cartoon it....Have at it!

You can choose any pic that is easiest to photoshop. Thanks again.... My focus
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Awesome..thankyou so much. Which one do you guys like best? Original, Dark, or White Kit? Thanks again!
I think it looks good the way you have it now.
Before the chop.Although the gunmetal thing doesnt look bad.
The white on the bottom makes it look like a shoe.

i spit on my monitor when i read that

btw i agree on the grey / dark version
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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