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Pics of my Fiesta Movement Ford Fiesta

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Here is a sample of some of my Fiesta Movement pictures of the Ford Fiesta I am driving. For more pictures, reviews, and video’s, check out and

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Nice, good stuff man! But you got one too many nice cars........ you should def let me borrow one for 6 months.....oh and could you pick up the gas and insurance for me too?
looks nice:thumbup: the front end it kinda has like a Focus RS look right...
sweet ! push her to the limit ! i just ran into one of her sisters in a Oakland parking lot
The edges of the tires are starting to show some use after many runs at the autocross, and a night of lapping at GingerMan Raceway. Other than that, she holds up fine for driving events. You won't see me standing on the hood, but you will sure see the Fiesta going out and being used. I have fallen in love with the Fiesta, and it fits in well with my other cars. I will miss my SVT Focus when I sell it to get the Fiesta next summer.
Nice pics! Those auto-x action shots are awesome
My dad took most of the autocross pics, and some were from fellow autocrossers at the event. My flickr' page has around 230 pictures from the event, including a number of Foci. In all, there are over 1000 Fiesta pictures on the site including some indepth discussion.
Good job, BR.

Thanks! I am hoping to have the autocross video footage up this week, and I will post the links so everyone can see them. The open track pics are still on my camera, so I will get those posted as well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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