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Players Ball for UT!

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Hey guys, I am still a [Fj] Newb. But love this fourm.

But down to business.

We where cruizing state with my buddys EVO 8, GTI 337, and GTI 1.8T. when this guy in a NSX pulls up and hands us a flyer about a players run to Vegas.

We have all signed up and are goin. we have done a few Pre-Runs with the cars and it is pretty sick.

If you want to there are still spots open for the event. its a little late to say this but it starts on the 28th - 30th of this month!

$595 per car.
$195 Per passenger.

All of this includes your Luxor hotel room and food.

Here are some pics;

This was just the Pre-Run it should be fun when we have all the cars there. But On the 28th they are holding a Car show with Miller Motorsports Park and givin away free stuff. So feel free to stop by. My focus will be there in the sun

Any more info you need just hit me up!
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$800 bucks!!!!

You're drving around my neighborhood, lol.
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