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Please Add Yourself To This Map

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This is for anyone and everyone who has a foci in the NW, and those who like to hang out with focus owners

Please enter your info, we only ask for your name, (perferably, forum name and first name, eg: paulhaskew - Paul), and zipcode, you then can include whatever you want in the shoutout and photo section.

This will allow us to figure out the best locations to hold g2gs in the future.


-Paul Haskew

edited to update the URL
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Fixed it so it shows up right now.

Somebody should do one of these for all of FocalJet and post it to the Pit Stop. There's one for the FocalJet Off Topic to put themselves on but not one for all of FocalJet.
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Ooh, not only is your name green, it says 'Moderator' next to it.

Funny, now it doesn't and you have your 'M'
I tried to add myself but it tells me invalid city whether I try "Surrey", "Surrey, BC", "Vancouver", "Vancouver, BC".... oh well.
Did you hit the link that says, Not in the US? Click here!

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That map is looking good!! I know we are still missing a few Foci. Keep it up!
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Ha! the only one on Whidbey Island bishes.

mumbles, aren't you heeltoe on FF?
Sweet 57 people and going strong...
time for me and my phat 2.3 to take over whidbey island beeyotch! =P
welcome aboard...
i need to gat some focaljet stickers for me so i can pimp the jet dammit i hate bein alone
I made some updates to the map :) Forum link gets redirected here now...
just added my self
Now they added male/female pins, most of us are showing up as female right now, lol

I switched it so it shows "people" only...
Anyone notice we just toped 100? That is without Charles or Webxtremes.
Wow, that is incredible, especially because the participation is what it once was (I'm an example).
yup.... Laz007 you in Washougal right now?
I tried to add myself but it got screwed up. I'll be moving to Mt home ID in september. Anyone else in that area?
SmoknZX3, what do you mean it got screwed up? I admin the thing so I can fix it for you...
1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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