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PLEASE help...race header EGR problem!

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The pipe broke where the nipple hooks to the EGR valve. What can I do?? Which O2 sensor does the MILeliminator hook to?
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I believe you can only plug it in to one of the sensors anyway. I think it's the blue plug that's the o2 sensor. The plugs should only be able to fit inside the correct wireharness. You don't have a picture do you?
if the pipe broke when removing the cat to install your race header, then you werent doin it right and twisted the egr pipe til it broke. =new egr pipe.

if the bung on the header for the egr broke, either get it warrantied (if applicable) or have it welded back on (not a big deal).

cheater goes on the 2nd (lower) o2, NEVER the 1st.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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