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Here's the real deal, from a cop car fanatic.
And yes, I've owned one.

95 Caprice 9C1 models (that's the cop version) could be had with a 200hp 4.3L V8 (rare engine), but most came with the optional 5.7L V8. That one put out 260HP, as some others here have said.

I have to make a note here about cop car suspensions. As you know, cop cars have stiffer and sturdier suspensions than the civilian versions. But it doesn't make them handle better. They stiffer and use stronger components so that they can handle the abuse that these cars are subjected to - ploughing over dirt fields, hopping curbs, etc. So yes, they are stiffer and ride more firmly.

But they don't handle better - Popular Mechanics did a comparison test of a civilian Crown Vic and a Crown Vic P71 (the cop model) about a year or two ago. The civilian one outhandled the P71 hands down. Why? The cop version actually sits one inch higher for better ground clearance and also to compensate for all the cop equipment that gets installed. The suspension components and wheels are very heavy duty, so that means lots of unsprung weight, which also hurts handling.

Don't matter to me though. There's just something so cool about a cop car.
I don't plan to embark on a high speed chase any more than the average SUV owner plans to go off road, but it's cool knowing that the car CAN.

I regret selling mine (a CHERRY unmarked 94 Crown Vic P71 that was used as an admin car for some Texas river authority, so it never got abused), and I would love to have another.


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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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