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Okay, I've recently developed an issue with my ZX3. I've had the apex sport kit on my car for 5 mos. and just recently when I put the car in reverse and move a couple of feet I get this loud "POP!" sound from the passenger side front tire, and then it doesn't do it any more. It's not a combustion kind of pop I should add. I don't think it's like a u-joint because like I said it will do it once and then I could keep backing up for a mile and it won't do it again. And it's not a definate either, sometimes it will do it and sometimes it won't? Any idea? It's really kind of annoying and it makes me worry. Also I should add that it seems to have just started happening after my last Autocross?
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Your shoes are prbly sticking to your drums after releasing the ebrake. My winter ratt does that all the time. The noise you hear is just the shoes getting snaped back by the springs in the drums after they brake loose.
He said its from the front though....
my ZX3 did that when i installed my suspension too. I'm not sure, but when I took it off, my sway bar wasn't connected right. maybe that's what it is on yours.
Yeah, it's probably your swaybar endlink on that side. Mine does the same thing - either when I am making slow, left turns or just backing up on an uneven surface. If the endlink is knarled up, it probably isn't much to replace on your own.
i would hope it wasnt a u joint... how would one of those get stuck up there?
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