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Porsche Club of America AutoX

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I did this AutoX in Ionia, MI a couple weeks ago on Sept. 28th. I did very well and beat the hell out of most of the Porsche drivers. It was a fun day though the course was wet from a night of raining preceeding the day of the AutoX. Let me know what you think.

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... Let me know what you think.
I think those are some badass pictures.
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Me thinks youve got a lift kit
Hahahaha, I know. Every car was almost getting airborn right there.

This was one of the funnest events I have done so far. Everyone there was very nice. I received alot of compliments on the car and on the driving.
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Looks like a blast! Congratulations on whomping some Porsches too. Wouldn't it be great if instead of a PAX multiplier we got multiplied by the msrp of the car?!

A bit off-topic, but what kind of camera was used for those pictures? Me and dad both have a b-day coming up relatively soon and were considering making a good digital SLR our shared present to each other. I'm looking for something that would take good action shots at autocrosses. Those pics look great though!
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I am not sure what camera was used for the pictures. I think it was a digital Nikon SLR but I do not know what kind of lens or camera body he was using off hand. The pics did turn out very nice though, I am very greatful for him taking the pics and going out of his way to send them to me.
A-Hah, I've run this course. It's on a fairgrounds isn't it?

It was way rough, and wet, and slippery due to "sand" standing where there are always puddles. Looks like you got the same treatment. There were also several "scary" places where you could really run off and wreck your car. Pictures are really good. Doesn't matter the camera, the photographer did a good job of focus and panning.

By the way, The Ohio Valley Region SCCA, has just run their first event at Cooper Stadium, home of the Columbus Clippers Triple A team. This was the #10 event of 11 for the session championship
What a great course and location.
I was second in G Stock, but would have trophied in 12 classes and won 6 classes!! I PAX'd 12 of 141 but my competition was 4th, in a Neon ACR!. National champion Danny Popp in ASP finished PAX 3rd behind two Karts, Jason Tipple National Champion in CSP was 9th. Do you think there was some tough competition?
The Neon had three drivers keeping the tires hot. I'm going that route in two weeks, along with tire warmers.I've won three events and the Neon 4. Best 5 of 11 count. BUT, he has a better points number for a second place, so I can't win the series, just beat him again for an event win.
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Yeah, that was at the Ionia County Fairgrounds and yes, there were many places that were scary. The ground was really rough and just about destroyed what little was left to my tires. I did spin out on one of my Novive "practice" runs, but it was still a fun day.

I have heard alot of good things about the Ohio Valley Region and I hope that next year I will be able to make it out to some of your events out there. For next year, I am trying to organize local AutoX events for the West Michigan Region SCCA at Michigan State University. I have received premission to use one of the lots on campus for an event and I, along with the MSU Racing Club (, are looking into getting our own insurance and timing equipment and hosting our own events. Of course these are all just ideas right now, but I am pretty confident that the WMA SCCA will be using one of MSU's lots for at least one AutoX this coming year.
Go for it.
Congrats. WMR-SCCA should have all the insurance, equipment, etc. needed.
I ran a couple of their events in the 95-97 time period.
We ran the small track that was owned by Mr. Schnitka?? who built Gingerman.That was a scary place, what with an old dead tree about 5 feet off the surface, right at a fast kink. And we ran in a small school parking lot in Grand Rapids. I have a cool T shirt that was given as trophies. It has WMR on the front and a large silhoutte of a cone on the rear.
The issue for WMR and every other club is a GOOD location.
Why can't the State Police provide their black lake. Man would that be something. Make a special class for officers and their cars. Yes officer, you were timed to the thousands of a second, what is your excuse!
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