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Porsche Speedster Kit Cars?

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Anyone know much about these? My old roomate was looking to get one as his "pre-mid-life crisis" plaything.

Apparently there is come kit that comes with the Subaru Boxer engine?

Anyone??? Anyone???????

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Beck makes a nice kit. Very light and quick about 25k gets you a done car. About 6.0 0-60, cool looking as well. VW engine based
Yah we were thiking of going the old school air-cooled VW engine route... but in light of fuel-injected water cooled boxer engines....
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Last week on "Rides"(tv show) they featured a company that makes these...they where awesome. To bad I forgot the name,they were based in socal. Maybe somebody else remembers?
"Beck" spiders.

Kit car mag ususally has info on them.
Todd I found this in The Finish Line back pages of the latest issue of Road & Track magazine. JPS Motorsports .They are located in Cali and make Speedster replicas,etc.See if that helps some.
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they are about 20k as a turn key model i believe
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