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Hey everyone. Need some experienced people to help me out . I’ve noticed the whining noise for quite some time now but I always thought it was the car building up boost. Since I’ve removed the the cowl and the hood insulation I can hear it more clearly and it sounds off to me.

The car is still holding stock boost pressure I guess that’s why I didn’t think too much into it. Gas mileage has been affected. I haven’t noticed any lag or rough idle . So please, let me know what you think!

Thank you I’m advance.

I’m running a TS Dual port BOV
green filter I’m attaching two videos I’ve made.


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Easier to hear in the 2nd video, definitely sounds like a boost leak to me. Would be small one if you're still able to hit target boost without a CEL for underboost.

Hop under the car and check all your boost pipes. Tighten clamps and ensure the couplers are fully on all the pipes and IC.

If you still hear it, swap back in the stock BPV and re-check.
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