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possible svt purchase, questions

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hi everyone, i am currently in the market for a "new" used car and have the svt focus on the list. i read through quite a few posts here, but i am having trouble locating a thread (or 10) that lists common problems with the various production years. any ideas on where to start?

i found a 2003 that i am going to try and see this weekend, but i like to have a list of what to look for.

thanks in advance!
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once you drive it, I doubt you will care...lmao. I would recommend checking out the list of TSB's on the car to give you an idea of what could possibly go wrong...but again, driving it is what will sell you on it.

BTW - I just posted a handy Excell spreadsheet that I highly recommend you look at using when figuring out your payments...if you can take it to the dealer on a palm, thats even better.

You can find it here:

Save it to your HD and open in Excel. NJoy.
clutch rattle, dual stage intake arm broken (on the intake, easy fix), lower cat heat shield rattle, etc.

fun cars. very fun.
^^^ and dont forget speeding tickets, lol.

honestly, though....I was worried too when I bought mine, but its been almost a year now and I have had only the heatshield rattle (knocks wood) and the DSI clip break. I fixed the latter myself and it cost me nothing, heat sheild was only a few hundred.

thanks guys!

sleestak mentions a list of TSB's, where can i find this info? i'll check the other items.
you should be able to get those from ford. check the SVT sticky here, might be some good info.

FWIW my car's lower cat heat shield didn't even come with my car (23,800 when i got her) and i never bothered to get one. she has just developed a rattle / buzz (sounds like a heat shield) a couple weeks back, immediately following the last autoX of the season. i'll get to that, when i get to that.
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yeah my car no longer has the lower heat shield. It fell off about 2k miles ago i am at 24k now.
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