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Post all Ebay/Internet Ad Related Items Here!

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If you have a link..that you would like to share with the SPI community then please post it in this thread.

Its all to help out your fellow SPIer's.

Any and all Ebay/Internet Newspaper/etc....just link them here.


[FJ]screen name - Ebay screen name
H2Oboy - sprinklerdr
Red-SE-00' - slowredspi
steble01 - steble01
Andreb - ab_focus
TXFO - g18905
focusspelledbackwards - focusspelledbackwards
Gigaherz - mpetito18ujs
FlaFocus - FlaFoci
crazy_urn - crazy_urn
MUTTLEE - Bobthebidder$
tin_maddog - tinmaddog
EsCoRtLvR - EsCoRtLvR
Halo - HaloBreaker
El Diablo - ElDiablo2626
Go2000gt - sdirton

If you want your ebay name listed, post it in this thread and it will be added.
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just found this, dont know if anyone needs it, but 35 bucks? id buy it for the hell of it.

1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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