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Power steering... is my failure of the week

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Yesterday, I was driving around 60km/h in a pretty tight curve and suddently, steering almost lock up on me, I need both hands and most of my strenth to stay on the road and not hit the post on the side. after the curve we pull beside the road and manage to realize that there was a water fall of PS fluids pooring from under the car... I filled it back up with some bought at the near by garage, 2 minute after, same thing, it dont even whine at all, as if it was just dead...

So once again, I will be back at the garage for my weekly faillure... Im so sick of that car.

I have deceided to try to get a refund on it. I dont want to drive it or let my wife drive it. This car is a dangerous POS. And to top it all, the new code never fixed my rev hangs and I am now going to eat my clutch away...

Im sooo happy my car is 100% stock.

I got my eyes on a 97 talon TSI, we'll see if I can get refund or bought back.

I felt like venting.
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hey, we have the same car and the same problem. except my cat went out too. so 3 weeks and counting, my car is in the dealership. lets see, that is a total of uh, close to 45 days total in the dealership. oh , i bought the car the last weekend in february. so yeh, out of the seven months i have had my car, it has been in the dealership for a good part of that. so i feel your pain and anger. i am looking at getting a gsx or a new gti. whatever, i love the car, when i have it. other than that, i hate it. i hope i can get a refund or it bought back as well.
Awww come on. I've had 2 power steering failures and I love my car to death. Literally, to death

Even with all the headaches and problems, every time I blip the throttle and hear that supercharger wine....I know why I keep her
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Where are these failures occuring? Any chance of getting a picture of the affected area? I'd love to be able to keep an eye on mine before getting caught on the side of the road for this. Not too mention I don't have many more miles before I'm out of warranty.
My '02 has been p|ss-poor quality too, including leaks, busted water pump, stuck high idle (2800 RPMs) and slow-fall RPM (hang for 3 seconds between shifts) WHEN WARM, burned out climate controls, trim piece fall off, stalling and other miscellaneous BS... all throughout and before 10K miles. I went all summer without running AC because that would most definitely stall it more frequently.

I am going to arbitration. The GM at my dealership is to call me tomorrow to make a pre-offer (I suppose), or maybe to say "Tough Sh|t!" We'll see.

I might go for a new Mustang GT if they are nice about this... if I even decide to try another Ford. Whatever I can do to unload this POS long before the warranty runs out.

No way in hell I am waiting around to see what happens next. I haven't even had the more common things give out yet (DSI lever, clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, PS, etc.), but I'm sure that wouldn't be long in the coming.

Good to see a few HONEST peeps chime in about this mess of a car (quick around cones or not!). Some folks are plagued by troubles but blinded by their love of the [email protected] handling (between visits to the shop).

This is a major maker FACTORY CAR people, and not even a powerful or exotic one. This kind of foolishness is PLAIN NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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The car is In, I am calling the sales manager this morning. I did have many many others problems and the car as the poorest driveability I have ever encounter in car. Rev hang all the time, The car had problems on the dealer lot even before I bought it (did not knew) oil leaks and oil cooler changed... smoke in engine bay... wow, now I feel like it was new...

I could not car less if you like the SC whine or the cornering, its still a well engeneer POS.
Gee, I'd better chime in here too.......7900 miles and mine is fine. Still on RLA 2.....albeit a little "cold blooded" the first minute or two.
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sorry to hear about the problems some of you guys have been experiencing.

As for me, after 1.5 years and 20,750 miles, this has been one of the most problem-free cars I have ever owned.

And, it's great fun to drive..
Awww come on. I've had 2 power steering failures and I love my car to death. Literally, to death

Even with all the headaches and problems, every time I blip the throttle and hear that supercharger wine....I know why I keep her
Question for you! How is the Steeda Short Shifter? Is it worth It?
Yes, the shortshifter is worth it. I can't remember what a stock shifter feels like at this point, but I remember for the first week I was loving it.
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