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Hi there,

I've a problem with my power steering that I cannot diagnose. Basically the power steering works fine when driving, but at low revs(when the engine is just idling) there is no power assistance.

I've taken it to my local garage and the man has changed the pump but it didnt fix the problem. He also said there was no sign of leaking, and that the rack looked ok as he would expect the seals to balloon up with fluid if it was the rack.

Am totally stumped, and have had to book it into a 3rd garage for a look see.

The problem started when it was snowing, I was bogged down in the car park and was trying to get my car out by reving it high in reverse and rocking the wheels from lock to lock. When I got home the fluid level was really low in the Reservoir. I topped it up at the time, and the level never budged.

The really odd thing is, even in netural, I only need to increase the RPM by about 500 and the power steering works fine!! But, with it not working at idle, it is failing its MOT :(

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be??
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