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Power Works Kit #2 Installed

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We installed the second kit in a month(first was the black 5-door SVT) on my wifes ZX5 last weekend(pics are in the . All I can say is I'm glad I went PW....they went the extra mile on gathering the extra parts because of the 6-Speed swap on her car...I've been driving a week now(when I could wrestle the keys from her), and it runs perfectly, very smooth...Is the PW kit woth the extra money????, I think so, all plug and play, no driving to the dyno...Running an SVT header,ORP, and SVT exhaust and still managed to squeeze 12lbs out of hewr a few times.....we're also getting our install time down, this one only took 9 hours......
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Cool, Ive just purchased my pw and getting it imported to the UK
It will be the first kit in the uk and maybe even Europe, from what ive been told.

Do you have any tips to fitting it? Ive not got access to and garage equipment so its just jacks and axel stands for me

I got my kit from mitch(schmee) at zx3tuning. He basically sorted getting the kit over to me and helped answer my daft questions
Top bloke
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once you get a few installs under your belt they get really easy!
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yeah its little expensive but then you dont have to worry about it to get it tune. IMHO its the best FI system out there for focus
gtiuk ... I'm glad to hear you're finally getting one!

I was over in the UK for a couple of days at the beginning of Oct ... can't believe all the Foci over there.
Thanks, im getting a custom ECU for mine (omex 600) and having it mapped. I cant wait to get it installed, ive just got to save for the management side now though
, but it will be worth it.

Ive been reading the fitting guide just to make sure i know what to do when d-day happens
Best bit is i dont have any EGR or PFE sensors to mess about with

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Trev ... if you don't have EGR, you will need an EGR block-off plate for the powerworks manifold.

A p/n 5009-4.6 or similar will work fine. Wouldn't be too hard to make your own though.
Thanks for the heads up. The euros have two fuel pipes also (wont cause a prob) ones in and ones a return.

Gotta love the Powerworks team!
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