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prelude vs. d23

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This thread is too much like your other one that we already locked. Once you actually go to the track like you said you are, PM me with the slicks and we'll unlock this.
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You should rock him. Preludes are heavy and run a mid-15 stock.

With the Stage 2 head and cams, plus (higher comp, i'm assuming) pistons, gearing you should be in the mid 14s, especially if you can drive.
as long as its the strip, very good.

(not on public roads, 1 b/c its dangerous and 2 you wont gain anythin from it) but focus (no pun) on launch tactics and good lights. more to be had there than from your actual runs.


dont make another car your prime target. concentrate on your own project and its moving forward.

U should ow3n him no doubt man.
I'm suprised how much like the one you made that got locked this is.... skirting by the rules huh?

I expect to see timeslips.
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What year/engine prelude?
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