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Prepared not Scared: Hurricane Tips

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Here are some tips for hurricane preparedness:


-Photograph your house for insurance purposes, it will help greatly on your cliam, everything!

-Put all important photos is ziplock bags EI: Photo's, Birth certificates, and important documemts

-Designate a place you will "hunker down" in, It should be an interior room preferable with not windows and that is large enough for tour family and your supplies. A shower or bathtub on an exterior wall is prefered as well as large walk in closets

-Fill your bathtub with water and put ice in it to keep as a backup when your electric goes

-Make sure you have a cell phone and that it is fully charged, land lines will be down, Also be prepared to have bussy cell phone towers and hence only make short required calls, put your cell on power save mode and power it off when not in use to extend the batt as long as possible

-Get with your neighbors and family to have check ins scheduled throught out the whole thing so you can make sure every one is ok.

-Know where your Hurricane shelter is and the quickest route to get there if you are forced out by surge or flooding.

-Be sure to have any and all medicines filled and with you if you have any sorta condition including diabetes and ADD.

-If you have a generator make sure it is filled along with your cars.

-Fill your car now! Not in 2 days when its supposed to hit.

-Do get plywood and bored up what you can, duct tape doesnt do crap as an FYI

-Sand bags are advatagouse if you can get them to put at your doors to prevent flood damage

-Your computer tower need be protected if you do online banking ect as well as any other electronics

-Tie down or pile your stuff on interior walls or in corners they are less likly to be thrown around by wind in those areas.

-Do make sure you have enough water for every one, the rule is 1 per person per day as well as your pets. Rember you need water to flush the pooper as well!

-Do go and ask your neighbors if they need help and try to help yourself as much as you can.

-Make sure if you leave you bring all your important belongings such as your above mentioned photos, papers, jewelery, or other items that insuracnce cant replace

-Remember you canrepalace your car house , and belongings, we cant go to walmart and buy another you and id miss you to much if you died! So dont!

-If you are contemplating staying or leaving and are in the direct path rembers staying to protect your stuff is moot if its all destroyed and if its not its hard to gaurd your stuff when your dead, you can leave your stuff rember you and your familys life is more important then the house or anything in it

Good luck every one! Please be safe and head my warnings and suggestions! I am worried about all the ft.myers guys and Im oncerened for myslef as well.

Here is my number 941-266-8241 please post your numbers so that I may contact you and vise versa in this crazy time! I will schedule regular calls with you to make sure your ok ect. I have several generators ect, and if you need my help after please call me I am here for you!

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I think we know the routine by now.
I think we know the routine by now.
You would be verry suprised
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good post for the people who are idiots ( and there are alot of them)
go do this stuff before its to late you freakin focus drivin fools!!
my cell is 239-770-1298 and i will be over on the east coast by, nick(hh), dan jobin, war, shane, tobyboom and some other people and mike is coming with me and i am staying at my gf's house woot woot

- Moose
Here's a few more for you....

-Don't leave candle sticks by windows. They can become airborn in the case of a window break and lodge deep into your anal region.

-Refrain from ducktaping your little brother to a flag pole and using him as a weather vain. He could be mortaly injured by flying debris. You would then have to asnwer to your parents for killing your little brother, permitting they didn't blow away too.

-If your house blows away, don't run and hide under your Focus. It's a piece of crap, and will soon blow away too. Then you will die.

white people crack me up

- Moose
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white people crack me up

- Moose
your white fool!
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Hey Nick do i hear a Hurricane party? Holla at a [censored]!
yea come on nick
i will be over there around 2

- Moose
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