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Pro-M mass air meter and Diablo chip?

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I will be ordering the Pro-M MAF next week and need a little help on some decisions. I want to get new injectors too.

My question is this:

Will 24lbs. injectors be enough after I install the FR head, stage1 cams. (assuming I have the MAF programmed for 24lbs. and my setup stays the same)
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Also will I need my diablo chip reprogramed for the new MAF/injectors?; or will the programming of the MAF for the 24lbs. injectors cover that?

Thanks for the help
anyone got any info on this cause i'm running the same setup and i heard that the pro-m mass air meters add timming and so does the diablo so i want to know if this setup is hurting me or helping.
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24lbs/hr injectors will be good enough for your current setup. I think no matter what, you have to have ur chip reburn for the calibrated MAFS. Diablo chip can not only rise your timing but it can also remove the timing, it depends on which programs suit your current setup. I just had my timing removed 3* using Diablo chip.
That is not my setup but i do have the pro-m with 24lb injectors and the diablosport chip. Anyone else got any input? Tom?!?
I don't know what it does to the timing but I do know that the chip or computer has to be programmed to match the specific MAF sensor or MAF calibration.
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