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Hi I am just seeing if anyone else has ran into this problem and may know how to fix it or could provide me with the correct equation. I recently found out my AFR gauge was bad. One of my friends had a fail safe AFR gauge brand new in the box and sold into me.

After the install I have come to find out that the AEM wideband equation would not work for this gauge providing me the correct data that needed to be recorded on the live link Gen 2 the AFR's being recorded were in the rang of 18-20 were as on the AEM wideband they were 13-15. I noticed that the reading was closed after the decimals so I subtracted 4 from the equation so now that it read (v*2)+6. This shifted the readings on the graph to read the same as my failsafe wideband to the information being recorded on the computer.

I am working with fernando on tuning and before we can start doing any boost logs this needs to be figured out first.

I have yet to check the firm wire I will be doing this tomorrow to see if I may have a bad ground I just cant see this being the case as it was working that very same day earlier before I switched out the gauges.
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