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Quality Car Cover for Modified Focus ZX3?

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I gotta store my car outside this winter
. I need a quality car cover... My mods that would change stock is the midwing, sideskirts, rearskirt, wrc nose. I need something that covers the whole car, and fastens well.

Plus, I dont want any staining from snow. Know of one? Use one/impressions?

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Guess no one covers their car?
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Justin I used to use one for my mustang since I do not have a garage to store my car at the time.

With the wing that you have on your focus, you migbt want to go for one that is either custom made for your focus or go w/ one that would fit say either a Grand Am or even a full size sedan and make sure you get the one w/ the locking cable that goes under your car from one side to the other and pad lock it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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