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Question about ABS, please help !!

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I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this but how can I know if my 2002 ZX5 has 2 wheel ABS or 4 wheel ABS. I guy that sells rotors asked me and I have no idea ??!!

Please, help me out with this one guys !!

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IF you have abs at all it should be 4 wheel. i dont think focuses came with 2wheel abs
4-wheel ABS vehicles will have sensors at all 4-wheels, 2-wheel ABS will only have sensors at the 2 front or rear wheels only.
Foci did only come with 4 wheel ABS as an option. You can tell if you have abs on the fronts if you see little rings that look sorta like cogs behind the center of the rotor where the axle shaft goes in. There would also be a sensor that reads the ring. As far as the rear goes, in the center of the drum, look up and left from the back of it and you'll see a sensor there too if it has ABS.
another way that you can check if you have abs, is look at the steering knucke and see if you have any black cable going in. or open your hood, and look for ABS module, located under next to air filter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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