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question about how to mount gauges?

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I want to mount some gauges on my driver side pillar, but I want to do it w/o a pod. I've seen some cars w/some type of setup to where it kinda shows the wires coming out of the back, but they are braced w/a clean looking bracket for each separate gauge to the pillar, does anybody know where I could find something like this? or how to make one?
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I know what you mean. I saw someone's car with this setup before, just the name is escaping me. Mid-Atlantic region, turbo'd, WRC wing, orangish in color....

I think it was just some sort of collar and a bracket that mounted to the a-pillar.

Ah, found it. It was CWCZX3. Try asking him.
lol I did.....I haven't heard a response yet though......mmm I like that look though, I just wouldn't use that many gauges : )
hmmmm those look they have to have the full cup surround? because it looks like they have the cup and then the plastic line that surrounds them anything similar to that?

I wonder if I can get the "cup" part out.....
that's pretty cool too.....I might go w/the carbon fiber cups, but I like stuff that isn't gawdy........the gauge pod is kind of gettin on my nerves because of it being a piece that is too big for the purpose in my opinion.....thanks for the help silfox : )
Sorry for the slow reply. I just used some Stewart Warner universal mounting cups for 2 1/16" gauges. And the covered the wires with black convaluted tubing.
thanks alot CWC : )
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