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question for any sponsor who might know...

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I've got a 2005 Focus ZX5 with the Roush bodykit, and have been looking for a bra that would fit the front end so it doesn't get all chewed up. Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful in trying to find one. Any help out there on if one is made to fit it, or someone who can custom make one?

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look for a shop that does the clear ones they chould be able to do it custom. you'll probably have to go to roush to get the leather one for their bumper. i know you can get the leather one for the hood on ebay or through ford.
I've got the one from my other Focus (Traded in my original '05 ZX5 for the Roush '05 ZX5), so I put the hood one on already. Damn shame, car's 3 months old and the lower part of the front is getting all kinds of rock chips. I'll try to call Roush tomorrow. Hopefully they make them for the Focus. I know they did (and maybe still do) for the Mustang.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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