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Question for those of you with gutted hatches...

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How much did your times improve after the gutting? Also, what set up are you running? (engine mods) ...and what times do you run normally.

I might be going to the track next week and want to have an idea of what to expect.

I'm running the following:
Steeda Intake
Magnaflow Exhaust
Esslinger UDP

Intrax 2" drop springs (don't know if that affects anything but listed it anyway)

Gutted hatch.

It's a 5spd...nothing in the hatch, just me driving the car. Stock 16" wheels on the stock firestones.

Any clue as to what I can expect to run? Thanks guys.

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I never took mine to the track before gutting it but here is my set up...

Kamakaze race header
HKS exhaust
AEM SR intake
on 17" Konig holes w/ parada spec 2's
sportline springs

Best time was a 15.5 @ 87mph

All that stuff will be for sale soon too, if anyone is lookin to have a fast foci like mine

Wow, this is my 2nd time editing this, sorry guys but last night I don't even know if i was awake when I typed this.

Wheels/tires, sportlines, and the UDP are staying on the car but the Kamakaze, HKS, and AEM SR are going. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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Mind you I have an automatic, but my first trip to the track netted an 11.3 1/8th mile. This time included a full Wings West 'W' type kit and full interior. My next trip was with the gutted hatch and no body kit, which netted a 10.7. So, about a half second in the 1/8th mile. These times were on 17" Enkei CDR9 wheels @ 30x lbs. each.
Improvments depend on how quick the car was before. My friend was able to get .2 (10.6 to 10.4) in the 1/8 from removing that crap. Seems worth it to me.
Excellent...If I get into the high 15's I'll be VERY happy.

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