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I just had my HKS hyper exhaust modified by Meineke. With a JBA shorti header & a Random
Technologies hi-flow cat, it used to sound like a bunch of pissed-off bumblebees in a soda can (or
a lunatic gardener on a beat up riding mower).
They took off the end just before the joint and welded a resonator #19803U and a muffler #19800U.
They also bent the pipe over the axle so I don't
have to worry about scraping. I beat on it driving home and didn't notice a loss in performance at all, and it sound almost stock.
They used 2.25" pipe and left the first resonator
from HKS in line (just past the flexpipe). Thank
God I can give it a little gas around town without
raising eyebrows anymore.
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