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Race header and chip question

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2000 auto zx3 mods: FS race header, flexpipe and 'stealth' exhaust, U/D pulley, Diablosport Chip, and a custom intake

I have heard that the CEL comes on within a short amount of time of installing a race header, but mine hasn't came on for about 1,000 miles so far. Is that normal or just a fluke?
I will eventually get my diablosport chip reburned for the ecu of the 5 speed I am swapping, but my main question is the rev limiter on it. I have different gauges and I had to recalibrate the needles afterwards, so I was nearly on according to the digital display. But when I mash on it, it won't shift until it pins itself at 7k rpms. I thought the needles were just off, but when I use the digital tach on the lcd, it reads right on. Is it normal/possible for FS to put the rev limiter up at 7k?
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Well, that last post answers you shift question, sound's like your tach is pretty close to where it should be. As far as the CEL goes it's a crap shoot if your not using a cheater. Everyonr I know of who's running either a race header or ORP without a cheater has eventually got a CEL, so I'm sure you will too at some point.
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