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It seems like everyone has been talking about AEM CAI clone such as BOMZ, well RacerDesign is another similar product which is availabe from Ebay as well. Unlike BOMZ, It's polished finished which makes it look like AEM, the cost is about $75 shipped, or may be lowered now. It's great quality, IMO.
It's 2 piece intake, comes with 2 rubber bushings and a cheap cone style filter. You need to supply your own 10mm nuts for the rubber bushings.

On First installation attempt, I failed due to lack of research on how to do it.

This thing doesn't come with manual but you can find some guides from or from our folks who have installed AEM or BOMZ.

After second attempt, this thing lined up OK, the second intake piece will not allign perfectly to the second rubber bushing, but it's very secured.

First impression on the, this thing rocks !
It screams above 4500 rpm, which hurts a bit if you have ATX, because its shifting point is like 2500 rpm, but if you turn your O/D or WOT it, you know it's ready to rumble. Another good point is, somehow the idle is smooth now. You lose your acceleration, but it picks up quickly and I don't feel such a big loss. It doesn't sound like short intake which attracts cops if you WOT it, but it's enough to let you know it's there.

For comparison, I have done short ram intake, K&N flat panel, ITG flat panel with SVT snorkel. All I can say, this AEM-clone intake is the best money for performance if compared to the rest. Questions ? feel free to ask.

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