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Rain-X or Aquapel

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I have used Rain-X on my wifes focus for a long time now and she is telling me its time to apply it again... I have been using the towlettes...

I am considering putting it on my car, and am wondering which one I should go with... Both do the same thing, has anyone even used Aquapel?
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I have been using the green Rain-X Bug Remover Windshield Washer Fluid in my cars for years with great results.I use to apply Rain-X by hand but it was kind of tedious to do often.Granted this only works for the windshield not the side or rear window.I have seen Aquapel in the stores but have not tried it.
The only problem with the Rain-X washer fluid is that if you actually use your wipers they cahtter and jump.

Where-as regualr Rain-X will never make your wipers do that, it will simply wear away.

- Drew
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