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Random Technology CAT-astrophe!!

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The cat had been on my car for about a year with an Edelbrock header and VF engine mount. Not that the engine mount had anything to do with this but a year of vibrations can loosen a lot of nuts and bolts under the hood as I found out when I yanked the EGR system today and replaced the Random with my OEM catalytic converter

I might try to get the thing welded and eventually sell both the Edelbrock and the Random and replace them with the FS long tube header

Anyways on with the show:


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ouch, are they offering any warranties??
Im not sure, but i am definately going to get ahold of somebody to see if i can get it replaced.

btw, my car feels so much different w/ out the high flow cat. I always forget the small differences that each mod makes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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