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Ranger Duratec motor?

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Does the Ranger have a Duratec motor in it? And if so can you put a turbo motor in it?
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Yes it does, you prolly run into the same problem as with a focus 2.3. rods
Yep, but you have a lot more options for space and stuff. Anyways I take it the rods still limit the hp to approx 230 hp.
AFIK, the rods/pistons in the European 2.0 Duratec can handle the 220HP that two builders in the U.K. are doing with that motor. Above that, they swap out the rods/pistons and keep the crank (shorter stroke/no cast balance shaft drive gear) to 270HP where a forging (or billet; I forget) is used.

Our 2.3 may have different, even lower limits due to stroke, piston speed (rod small end) and rod material (sintered/powdered metal/cracked cap).
I have a Duratec in my Ranger. It's quite peppy.
Yes you do.

Welcome to [FJ]focaljet.
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Peppy for me doesn't start until you hit about 275-300 whp.... But then again, I'm jaded!

With the 2.5L truck I'd look to get 300lb-ft of torque with a turbo unit if I could get enough flow into it. The rear end, gears and trans are suspect after that. Plus its a truck and relatively light weight with high rear end gears, so you really don't want super hp because you'll just nuke the tires.
good luck
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