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rattle coming from engine bay

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it sounds like there is something rattling (or a rattle type sound) coming from the upper left side of my engine bay. I have never heard it before. My accessory belt is looking like it needs to be replaced, could it be making this noise? thanks,

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does it go away when you press the clutch in?
Make sure the water pump pulley bolts are properly tightened. There are 3 of them. Size is 10mm. My 02 ZX3 rattled away at low engine speeds but quietened down as revs climbed. One bolt was tight, two I could turn with my fingers. This was on an almost new car: less than 10K miles. It is a tight fit, so you may need to tighten the one on top, then "bump" the starter to rotate the pulley to where you can reach another bolt.
it isn't my clutch chatter (which is annoying, but i've learned to live with it), and i do not think that my bolts are coming loose, but i will check in a couple of days. The more i hear this sound the less of a rattle i think it is. It sounds like a very rapid slapping of plastic kind of resembling a rattle/ chatter
. But my accessory belt is fraying and I think that it may be making this noise, where it seems to be coming from.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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