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Downloaded Real Racing 3 app on my tablet.

Seems pretty good.

I like that you steer the car with the tablet, and the racing seems realistic.

The bad.

Computer controls the brakes and throttle, seems to brake too early and get on the throttle well past the apex.
The other cars (computer controlled) don't give up the racing line like they would in real life. And when they make contact with you, your car reacts more strongly than theirs. I've been forced off the course/into a wall, or spun out several times. When I make contact with one of them (when they cut across my nose in a corner and make contact)it usually pushes me off line and they keep going.

In NASCAR races, when I drop down and someone's front end hits my rear quarter, I always get spun out. When they do it to me, they never spin.

Other than that its a pretty decent racing app. Until I can find a PS4 with the force feedback wheel and pedal set, this is going to give me my racing fix.
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